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Meet Jasmine, Founder & Lead Coach

Jasmine Tella


"Unveil your

Elevate your beauty: Reserve your face yoga course today and discover the path to a radiant, sculpted visage.  

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What is Face Yoga?

Discover the art of face yoga – proven anti-aging exercises that revitalize your appearance. A serene self-care practice, harmonizing face, body, breath, and mind for timeless radiance.

“Own your Uniqueness!

Grow your self-confidence and reduce the years in no time!

Jasmine Tella Face Yoga pose

Benefits of Face Yoga

Studies have shown that face exercises help to significantly rejuvenate (make one look younger), it also helps with conditions such as TMJ problems, Hemifacial spasm, and Bell’s palsy, and its great for de-stressing.

Jasmine Tella Nasolabial folds face yoga
Jasmine Tella Face Yoga chocolate dress
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Beauty Benefits

  • A more radiant complexion. 

  • Softened wrinkles and plumped skin.

  • Smooth forehead lines.

  • Reduce frown lines between the eyes.

  • Make your eyes look more open (lift eyelid).

  • Smooth crow’s-feet.

  • Reduce nasolabial folds.

  • Reduce Marionette lines. 



My Journey…

At the age of 46, a remarkable metamorphosis was ignited in my life through the enchantment of Face Yoga. Amidst the shadows of depression, I embarked on this transformative journey of self-discovery. Guided by the symphony of deep breaths and mindful meditation, I emerged stronger, illuminating my path through adversity.

From that profound shift, I ascended to the role of a certified Face Yoga instructor and connoisseur. My devotion is to empower individuals of all genders, fostering an unbreakable bond with their uniqueness, and unveiling the resplendence within.

Endorsed by esteemed physicians, including Dr Shehab Faragallah,, Holistic dentist and cofounder of Myospots Australia.  MD Neda Amani,  renowned postural specialist USA. My approach nurtures posture, tonicity, and muscular vitality. Together, we embark on a holistic odyssey, embracing graceful aging and an innate appreciation of authentic beauty.

Jasmine Tella meditation pose

a few of my certifications

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Shiny Makeup

Face Yoga Courses

Numerous poses I teach are

validated by doctors 


Single Private Consultation (60 Minutes)

In this program you will:

  • Receive full face diagnosis 

  • Be able to ask questions

  • Perform powerful dynamic exercises and Face Asanas

  • Learn Facial massages suited to your needs

For this private class, I will take into account:

  • Face shape, body type, age, skin condition and your lifestyle.

  • I will give you a preliminary Symmetry check.

  • Offer you skincare and lifestyle advice to let your natural beauty shine through.

Book your single private lesson now and get the most benefit from your training! Fee: £ 120.- 

Online Series - workout anywhere, anytime


Beginners Course

Online series you can follow at your own pace. Duration is 15 days and includes 15 guided videos covering all areas of the face. It's an introduction to Face Yoga that includes body exercises and stretching for a relaxing experience.

This program does the following: 

Releases facial muscle tension while toning, It is suitable for beginners, and it's the starting foundation for your face yoga practice.

The program includes static & dynamic exercises executed in a Mindful manner. 

£ 29.90, one year access.

Workout Time: max 10 minutes a day, so no excuse! You can find the time to look your best again.

Medium and Advanced courses will be released in April 


1-1 Beauty Sculpt - 2 months training

Join me weekly to address your issues and get visible results. 

  • No more Botox, nor fillers needed!

  • Rejuvenate significantelly naturally 

  • Learn how to Freeze your forehead muscles naturally 

  • Exercises tailored to your unique needs

  • Creation of your daily routine

  • Free access to JFY Beginners Course

  • Access to the private Instagram Group

  • 8 sessions altogether 

  • preliminary 60 min consultation included

  • 5 Days  Email and WhatsApp support 

Check out a few Before & After pictures 

COST: £ 749.- (possibility to pay in 2 installments, contact me for this option) 

what is your face trying to tell you res

Changing Faces

Workshops tailored to your needs! 

Discover Youthful Radiance!
Face Yoga Workshop with Jasmine Tella & Laura Gindac.
Rejuvenate, Sculpt & Glow!
Exclusive Tips & Tricks to stay consistent with your practice and
look your best. 
Find Your Perfect Fit – Take the Quick Quiz Now!

COST:  £ 19.95


JFY Gua Sha stone course

Online Series

This is an online series you can download and follow at your own pace. Part of the Gua Sha bundle 

This program does the following: 

It releases tension from the fascia, smoothes out facial wrinkles, detoxes your skin, and reduces puffiness.  It will help you look more radiant and toned


Workout Time: a few minutes a day, ideally during skincare

Intensive Program 

Beauty in Glam Makeup

Vip Camera Ready!

This unique program is designed for entertainment industry professionals: Actresses, Actors, Models, Presenters.

This program does the following: 

  • Gets You Camera & Red Carpet Ready in 3 Months!

  • It makes you look years younger naturally

  • It allows you to avoid fillers and Botox!

  • Receive Luxury Award-Winning Swiss Skincare as a welcome package worth 500.- £

  • WhatsApp and Email Assistance 7 days a week

Workout Time: 25 minutes a day, 7 days a week x 3 months

Cost: £ 5'970.- 

Client Testimonials

What my lovely clients are saying about Jasmine Face Yoga

These face yoga exercises work! I spent two months with Jasmine's coaching , and her passion and motivation helped me define my jawline, fill my cheeks, and reduce my eye bags, I'm hooked and practice 4x a week.

You won't regret this training! 

Pamela (USA)


Take a look at some curated products that help keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

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