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Natural Face Lift

Over 40's, pay attention!

Say goodbye to wrinkles and sagging skin with proven face yoga techniques and truly effective skincare tools.

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Jasmine Tella 'The Times' article

Jasmine Tella is a certified and expert Face Yoga teacher, as featured  in 

Jasmine Tella

Dr Shehab Faragallah

Holistic dentist and confounder of Myospots Australia

Numerous poses I teach are
validated by doctors

"Jasmine Tella teaches a brand of face yoga that complements oral facial myology.The intersection of facial muscles exercise with oral mylogy supports symmetry, aesthetics and overall health.I recommend Jasmine's face yoga instucion and expertise"

Jasmine Tella Nasolabial folds face yoga

Why Face Yoga?

Have you been unhappy lately with the reflectionyou see in the mirror?

Tired of looking tired?

Thought about invasive procedures but know they're not

right for you? Frustrated with expensive creams that don’t

deliver results? Look no further.

Discover the art of face yoga –

proven anti-age exercises that revitalise your appearance

and makes you feel good.

Benefits of Face Yoga

Studies have shown that face exercises help to significantly

rejuvenate (make one look younger), it also helps with conditions such as TMJ problems, Hemifacial spasm, and Bell’s palsy, and its great for

de-stressing. It stimulates the parasympathetic system,

for a more relaxed and happier you. 

Beauty Benefits

  • A more radiant complexion

  • Softened wrinkles and plumped skin

  • Softer forehead lines

  • Drastically Reduce frown lines between the eyes

  • Make your eyes look more open (lifted upper eyelid)

  • Smooth crow’s-feet.

  • Reduce nasolabial folds (aka smile lines)

  • Reduce Marionette lines

  • Restore your confidence

  • Help you love the person you see in the mirror

  • Restores oval shape of the face

  • Makes you feel visible again

Courses that will transform you


Tella's skincare solution uses immortelle flower and plant extracts for a radiant complexion. It's enriched with time-honored ingredients, a testament to Tella's commitment to delivering the best beauty secrets.

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