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The intersection of beauty and well-being has never been more apparent than in the realm of Face Yoga. Jasmine Tella's innovative Face Yoga Protocol, focusing on the Manual Vagus Nerve Stimulation (MVNS), offers a unique approach to counter the effects of stress on both appearance and health. As the beauty industry evolves, this holistic and science-backed method provides a promising avenue for those seeking a harmonious balance between aesthetics and relaxation in their quest for timeless beauty.

The Ultimate Beauty Trend 2024: The Vagus Nerve Revolution in Face Yoga

Groundbreaking Beauty & Wellness Trend

In the pursuit of ageless beauty, the latest trend is not just about creams and serums but rather a holistic approach that delves deep into the science of relaxation. Face Yoga, long hailed for its aesthetic benefits, has taken a new turn with expert  Jasmine Tella introducing a groundbreaking Face Yoga expert Protocol. This protocol not only promises beauty results but also activates the Vagus Nerve, contributing to a more relaxed state by triggering the parasympathetic mode of the nervous system.

The Vagus Nerve and the Parasympathetic Mode:

The Vagus Nerve, also known as the "wandering nerve," is a crucial component of the autonomic nervous system. This nerve plays a significant role in regulating various bodily functions, including heart rate, digestion, and respiratory rate. Importantly, it serves as the gateway to the parasympathetic mode, often referred to as the "rest and digest" mode. Activating the Vagus Nerve is a key strategy for promoting relaxation and countering the detrimental effects of chronic stress.

Stress and Aging:

Chronic stress has long been identified as a major contributor to premature aging. The release of stress hormones like cortisol can lead to inflammation, oxidative stress, and the breakdown of collagen, the protein responsible for maintaining skin elasticity. As stress becomes a constant companion in our fast-paced lives, finding effective ways to activate the parasympathetic mode and counter its aging effects is paramount.

The Face Yoga Protocol:

Jasmine Tella, internationally renowned expert in Face Yoga, has developed a specialized protocol that specifically targets the activation of the Vagus Nerve. This goes beyond the traditional focus on facial muscles and aesthetics. The protocol involves a series of exercises and techniques designed to stimulate the Vagus Nerve, promoting a shift towards a more relaxed state.

Key Face Yoga *Techniques for Vagus Nerve Activation:

1. Gently press on your eyeballs with your fingertips to activate the vagus nerve. Listen to your body and be gentle. Apply palm or finger pressure on your eyes while inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth with a prolonged 'voooooo' sound. • Exert gentle pressure and extend the exhale to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. • Maintain the pressure for a duration of 15-30 seconds.

2. Neck and Jaw Release Movements & tapping: Tension often accumulates in the neck and jaw, impacting the Vagus Nerve. Specific Face Yoga movements aimed at releasing tension in these areas contribute to overall relaxation.  watch the video .

3. You can also apply a short kinesiology tape behind your ears to gently release pressure from the muscles that press on the vagus nerve. This will improve sleep! watch Dr Nickleston's tutorial. 



4. Tapping on the sternum, as well as other specific areas of the face, has been shown to stimulate the Vagus Nerve. Tella's protocol includes targeted techniques to activate these points effectively.

5. Take Care of your tongue. Swing the tongue from side to side 10 times. Perform 3 sets alltogher. 

6. try the "Rosenberg reset" that involves eye movement. You are welcome to a glimpse! Thank me later ;)  watch the video 

















Trigeminal nerve stimulation: watch video now 














The Trigeminal nerve is related to the reticular alarm system in the body. “ Sergueff (2007) .

Your RAS is the thing that analyzes what incoming information is actually relevant to you (and your survival), and lets only the most important stuff through – it actively blocks the rest of the info (so you are not aware of it). 

The Trigeminal nerve is very much involved with nociception. It occupies a very special position that one could qualify as mediator between the newer (ventral vagus) and the primitive (dorsal vagus.) Its function is therefore to maintain the sympathetic in an optimal functional state in response to environmental needs and to control the primitive vagus. “ Èric Marlien

Jasmine Tella's groundbreaking Face Yoga Technique integrates a series of vagus nerve reset techniques that synergistically enhance both aesthetic and physiological well-being. This innovative approach contributes to the optimization of beauty and health through targeted stimulation of the vagus nerve, a key component in regulating various bodily functions

Ear Reset ‘The ear is a zone of choice as it has an extremely powerful effect on the functions of the newer vagus nerve.’ -Éric Marlien

Neck & Face Reset through vibration for blood and lymph flow optimisation, decrease fascia tension.

Eye Reset. The eye is a direct extension of the brain. Eye mobilization to diminish intraocular pressure and obtain neuro-lympho-vascular benefit. Dr. Nickleston (2023)

Tongue Reset. "Chronic stress and anxiety, as in the presence of post-traumatic stress disorder, lead to an alteration of the IX (Glossopharyngeal) nerve, and the lingual position, with greater evidence of sleep apnea. Patients who suffer from major depression for several reasons have a reduction in the activity of the vagus nerve; the latter innervates the muscular portion of the tongue (palatoglossus), negatively affecting the lingual motor function. “ Patil R Chanda et al., 2021

Benefits Beyond Beauty:

While the aesthetic benefits of Face Yoga are well-documented, the integration of Vagus Nerve activation takes this practice to a new level. Individuals can not only achieve a more youthful appearance but also experience a profound sense of relaxation and well-being. As stress is mitigated, the aging process is slowed down, and the overall quality of life is enhanced.

Join Jasmine's 15-Day Bootcamp to learn effective and soothing face yoga techniques that will stimulate the vagus nerve. 

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*The exercises provided above do not constitute medical advice, and Jasmine Tella is not a medical professional. It is strongly advised to consult with your physician before engaging in face yoga exercises if any uncertainties arise

The holistic beauty trend in 2024 is all about embracing a comprehensive approach to beauty that goes beyond just skincare and makeup. It involves a focus on overall well-being, both physical and mental. People are recognizing the interconnectedness of various aspects of their lives and how it impacts their appearance.

Holistic beauty in 2024 incorporates practices such as mindfulness, stress management, and a balanced lifestyle. Skincare routines are evolving to include not only high-quality products but also an emphasis on internal factors like nutrition, hydration, and sleep. There's a growing interest in natural and sustainable beauty products, with an awareness of their impact on the environment.

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