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Can You Really Look Younger in Just One Year?

Ever wondered if you can look younger in just a year? Well, I started with that question too. The quick answer? Absolutely yes. But let me spin you the yarn of how I stumbled upon this rejuvenating magic.

A few years ago, as some of you might already know, I was facing down my golden years and wanted change. I wasn't going down without a fight. So, I geared up for a battle against aging. I tweaked my diet, throwing in heaps of berries and nuts. I guzzled water like it was my job. Each day was capped with a dose of skincare products, quality sleep, and - the game-changer - Face Yoga!

Before we dive into the Do's and Dont's, let me give you a gift just because you deserve it for being here and taking time to read.

Here is a GIFT for you my dear:

a free face yoga lesson! Yes, you read correctly. Click the link below to watch the video called "preview lesson one" . Enjoy!

Back to our article..

What To Do:

  • Healthy Diet: Load up on antioxidant-rich foods like berries and nuts (bonus points if they taste good too!).

  • Hydration: Drink water like it's your job - your skin will thank you for the promotion!

  • Exercise: Work out your facial muscles with Face Yoga - the gym for your face.

  • Skincare Routine: Treat your skin like royalty with a consistent routine (it loves the attention).

  • Natural Allies: Embrace the Kansa Wand and Immortelle Beauty Oil for gentle yet effective care (because your face deserves the VIP treatment).

What NOT To Do:

  • Sunbathing: Avoid those UV rays without protection (no need to tan like a leather sofa).

  • Smoking: Put out the cigarette - it's aging you faster than time.

  • Skincare Slacking: Keep your routine on track (your face doesn't take sick days).

While I saw people baking in the sun and puffing on cigs - big no-nos by the way - I exercised my face muscles with a zest. Fast forward, and not only did I dodge additional wrinkles and sun spots, but I also found my skin thanking me for it.

Now, diving into Jasmine Tella’s Face Yoga bootcamp wasn’t just another tick on my check-off list. It was a revelation. Alongside dropping a skincare routine forged in the wellness springs of my experience, I ushered in the Kansa Wand and the Immortelle Beauty Oil into my arsenal.

These aren't just products; they're your partners in the skirmish against time. Gentle, natural, yet fiercely effective. Perfect for any warrior not keen on the needle but brave in spirit.

So, yeah. One year later? I don’t just look younger. I feel legendary. If I can summon that change, imagine what a year could do for you with the right tools.

Ready to start your own age-defying journey? Dive into a transformation that marries nature with science. And hey, it’s your face. Why not treat it like royalty?

Talk soon,

Keep on shining

Jasmine "turn back time" Tella

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