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Massage Tutorials with Immortelle Beauty Oil & JTB Kansa Wand

Facial Massage

Repeat each movement 10 times. Light pressure on forehead and below the eyes. Medium pressure on cheeks and neck, strong pressure on the mandible. Can be used to massage stiff neck. 


Apply a few drops of Immortelle Beauty Elixir, grab JTB signature Facial Kansa Wand. Massage daily for a stunning glow, improved complexion and for more defined features.  

  • Regal Radiance: Enhance your complexion with a natural, radiant glow.

  • Pampered Purity: Indulge in a detoxifying experience, reducing puffiness and promoting clarity.

  • Sovereign Serenity: Relieve tension, inviting relaxation fit for royalty.

  • Youthful Nobility: Stimulate collagen production for a regally firm and age-defying skin.

  • Aura of Balance: Ayurvedic principles, focusing on Marma points, create a harmonious energy flow.

  • Majestic Absorption: Elevate your skincare regimen, ensuring products are absorbed with regal grace.

Kansa Wand dark bkg.jpg
Kansa Wand dark bkg.jpg

Care Instructions

After each use, wipe the metal part gently with a tissue or towel and that's it! If you find that it is especially dirty, we advise using a small bit of water on the towel and avoid touching the wooden part. For a periodic deep clean you can make a paste with tea tree oil and Clay, or simply wash with soapy water; rinse well.


Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the Kansa Wand's surface.

Store Properly: Once the Kansa Wand is completely dry, store it in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Avoid storing it in a sealed container or plastic bag, as this can trap moisture and promote bacterial growth.

Immortelle Beauty Oil


timeless beauty with our exquisite blend of precious oils, featuring the rejuvenating Immortelle flower, romantic rose, and enchanting jasmine. This luxurious fusion nourishes and illuminates, revealing a flawless, radiant complexion

Immortelle oil, every drop a Beauty promise made.

Jasmine Tella Immortelle Facial oil.jpeg

Facial Massage tutorial with Immortelle oil

Marma points, energy pathways, stimulation for inner wellbeing and beauty. ​


1. Rejuvenation: the Kansa Wand, crafted from pure bronze, revitalises your complexion, leaving behind a luminous tone.2. Purifying Elixir: Experience luxury detoxification as the Kansa Wand draws away impurities, unveiling a radiant canvas of opulence (if your skin turns green at first, simply wipe away. You are detoxing and its just a natural chemical reaction).3. Reduces Puffiness: Delight in reduced puffiness and inflammation as the cooling sensation of the Kansa Wand glides over your skin.4. Lymphatic Harmony: the gentle lymphatic massage will activate drainage of toxins, and reveal a rejuvenated visage.5. Stress-Relieving Serenity: Surrender to tranquility as facial tension melts away under the Kansa Wand's blissful touch.6. Youthful Vitality Elixir: Embrace timeless beauty with each stroke of the Kansa Wand, restoring vitality and resplendence.7. Dosha Balancing: Experience Ayurvedic balance as the Kansa Wand harmonizes Pitta and Kapha, illuminating inner serenity.8. Timeless Elegance: Diminish fine lines and wrinkles with the Kansa Wand's divine touch, evoking timeless allure.9. Will make your skin glow: Bask in radiant beauty as the Kansa Wand illuminates your complexion with celestial brilliance.10. Antibacterial properties: Indulge in pure refinement with the Kansa Wand's antibacterial properties, revealing flawless skin.

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