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Immortelle Beauty Oil

by Jasmine Tella

Timeless Radiance in a Bottle

Indulge in the opulence of our signature facial oil, an exclusive blend of finely selected oils and plant extracts formulated to maximize the benefits and results of Jasmine Tella's Face Yoga unique techniques. Crafted for the discerning connoisseur, this elixir not only diminishes fine lines and wrinkles with the unparalleled anti-aging prowess of Immortelle oil but also imparts a luminous, youthful glow. The exquisite blend, enriched with antioxidants, transcends ordinary skincare, offering an unrivaled experience of hydration, heightened elasticity, and an incomparable radiance that defines true luxury for your skin. Elevate your skincare ritual with our exclusive elixir, a testament to the extraordinary benefits of nature's most coveted oils.

Jasmine Tlla


Applying Face Oil

Morning Routine tutorial

with hands

All it takes is a minute every morning to depuff and get your glow on.


Crafted with the opulence of Immortelle and Olive oils, our exquisite blend transcends ordinary skincare. This luxurious elixir elegantly diminishes fine lines, enhances hydration, and bestows a radiant, ageless complexion—an indulgence in timeless beauty and sophistication

Immortelle oil

Guasha & Immortelle tutorial

1 minute detox

Apply a few drops of Immortelle Elixir, grab your favourite guasha-stone, and follow along for a stunning glow and detox. Stimulate the lymphatic drainage. 

Immortelle oil

Facial Oil

Immortelle Facial Cleansing

a gentle skin cleanser

After cleansing and toning, apply a few drops and gently massage upward for a radiant complexion. For a gentle cleanse and makeup removal, apply and wipe with cotton. Indulge further by nurturing nail cuticles with this versatile elixir, ensuring a touch of luxury in every facet of your beauty routine

Immortelle Oil

Evening Immortelle
Facial Massage

Relax facial Muscles

Relaxing Muscles Before you sleep, will help you smooth out fine lines and get rid of tension. Helping you embrace a regenerative night's sleep. 

Immortelle Oil

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